General Description

Faculty of Agriculture of Akdeniz University was established on March 30, 1983 and started education in the academic year 1984-1985. Today, it has taken its place among the leading Faculties in Turkey for contemporary and qualified educational programs, constantly evolving research and application infrastructure, contribution to scientific knowledge and success in international relations.

Faculty of Agriculture consists of 9 departments:

  1. Agricultural Biotechnology
  2. Agricultural Economics
  3. Agricultural Machinery and Technology Engineering
  4. Agricultural Structures and Irrigation
  5. Animal Science
  6. Field Crops
  7. Horticulture
  8. Plant Protection
  9. Soil Science and Plant Nutrition

Within 9 departments of the Faculty, 120 academic staffs serve including 96 faculty, 22 research assistants and 2 lecturers. In addition, 33 administrative staffs and 18 permanent workers serve in the faculty and research farms. All of the 9 departments give education at undergraduate and graduate (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) levels. Currently 1845 and 451 students of which 72 and 45 are international enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs, respectively.

Education activities have being held in 5 buildings covering a total of 23.000 m2 area. Within buildings, there are 19 classrooms, 3 of which are large auditorium style, one meeting room, one conference hall for 200 people, two drawing-design rooms and one computer laboratory used for teaching. All rooms equipped with projection tools and free internet connection. In the Faculty of Agriculture, research and trial activities continue intensively besides the education and training activities. In this regard, both research and laboratory infrastructures are at very good level.

Research priority is given to the use and application of new technologies in agricultural fields, the development of new genotypes that are resistant to changing environmental conditions and diseases in crop and animal production areas, precision agriculture, digitalization in agriculture and sustainable agriculture. There are 23 research laboratories in the faculty in which, research, application, experiment and analysis are carried out in different fields. In these laboratories, besides education, research and application studies, services are also provided for regional agricultural sectors. The Faculty has two research and application farms namely Campus and Aksu. The Campus Farm consists of open field and protected production areas, livestock facilities (cattle and poultry) and workshops. Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, watermelons, winter vegetables, sweet potatoes, daily milk, ayran, yoghurt, cream, village type white cheese and quail eggs are produced in the farm. Aksu Farm is located in Aksu district, 20 km from Antalya downtown. In this farm, wheat, corn, fodder crops and fruit are produced in 100 hectares area. There are three Research and Application Centers directly related to our faculty.

  1. Akdeniz University Agricultural Biotechnology and Seed Research and Development Center
  2. Akdeniz University Remote Sensing Research and Application Center
  3. Akdeniz University Clean Energy Research and Application Center


Since its establishment in 1983, Faculty of Agriculture has taken mission to train Agricultural Engineers who adopt sustainable production which is sensitive for environment and human health, contribute to the development of new methods and techniques in the field of agriculture and reflect it on the field, produce permanent solutions for technical problems occurring in the field of plant and animal production of the sector on the basis of modern science.


We aim to develop plant and animal genotypes allowing production by considering decreases in natural resources gradually and possible changes in environment conditions in the near future, to transfer digitalization to production with precision agriculture applications, to contribute to the economy of both the region and the country by improving agricultural production, especially in greenhouse cultivation, fruit growing and goat breeding. In this regard, our vision as Faculty of Agriculture, Akdeniz University is to become an internationally recognized Faculty, which has completed the accreditation processes at both national and international level, to adopt an educational approach emphasizing the academic and personal development of students on the basis of modern science and to educate Agricultural Engineers who are self-confident, have high communication skills, and are open to innovations.