Animal Science


Being one of the two main branches of agricultural production, Department of Animal Science operates in animal production. It aims to raise farm animals for economic purposes and to improve economicallly importants traits (meat, milk, egg, etc.) based on modern scientific methods. Therefore, it aims to raise, feed and bred together with effectively using the yields of farm animals.

Accordance with this purpose, the department carries out research and education activities in many fields such as raising and feeding farm animals, animal genetics, planning shelters, relationships of animal-environment, applied animal breeding, making use of basic and alternative feed sources, using computer and biotechnology in animal science, trial and planning, Project designing and organization together with making contribution to both local and universal scale for these topics.

Animal Science consists of three departments as follow Animal Breeding, Foods and Animal Feeding and Biometry and Genetics. The department, which was established in 1986, started education with 20 students in 1990. The department provides undergraduate and postgraduate education for these three departments. In 2020-2021 academic year, 270 and 20 (15 Msc and 5 PhD) students are being educated at undergraduate and postgraduate, respectively. The departmen has 10 foreign students from different countries. The department has a total of 15 academic personel of which 6, 4, 2, 1 and 2 of them are Prof., Assoc. Prof., Assist. Prof., Lecturer and Res. Assist., respectively.


Since its establishment in 1986, Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Akdeniz University has aimed to educate Zootechnicians giving importance environment and sustainable animal production, following new methods based on modern science and reflecting them into the field, being qualified in terms of academic, following the current sector and finding solutions for occurred problems in the sector, having good communication skills and speaking at least a foreign language effectively.


Since its establishment in 1983, Faculty of Agriculture has taken mission to train Agricultural Engineers who adopt sustainable production which is sensitive for environment and human health, contribute to the development of new methods and techniques in the field of agriculture and reflect it on the field, produce permanent solutions for technical problems occurring in the field of plant and animal production of the sector on the basis of modern science.


We aim to develop plant and animal genotypes allowing production by considering decreases in natural resources gradually and possible changes in environment conditions in the near future, to transfer digitalization to production with precision agriculture applications, to contribute to the economy of both the region and the country by improving agricultural production, especially in greenhouse cultivation, fruit growing and goat breeding. In this regard, our vision as Faculty of Agriculture, Akdeniz University is to become an internationally recognized Faculty, which has completed the accreditation processes at both national and international level, to adopt an educational approach emphasizing the academic and personal development of students on the basis of modern science and to educate Agricultural Engineers who are self-confident, have high communication skills, and are open to innovations.