Administrative Staff
Administrative Staff
Full Name Position of Task Phone E-mail
Nadir GÜLER Faculty secretary 2416
Latife AKÇOR Dean secretary 2412
Celal AKDAĞ Personal affairs 2440
Osman CAN Editorial department 6504
Mehmet EFE Editorial department 3706
Tahir COŞKUN Financial affairs 6552
Zeki UÇAK Financial affairs 3713
Ahmet TEKKANAT Office of registration 6517
Hasan KAZIKOĞLU Student affairs 6505
Mustafa HAZER Student affairs 6551
Nida Naide ASLAN Student affairs 2474
Erhan KARADAŞ Office of quality 2530
Ramazan GENÇ
Ferhat ERKAN Employee 3737
Adem DÜZENCİ Employee 3737
Hüseyin BAYIR Employee 6500
Ramazan DAĞDELEN Employee 6595
Kazım YILMAZ Employee
Talip KILIÇ Employee
Department Secretaries
Yeter YURDAKAN Horticulture 6519
Abdullah ALBAYRAK Plant Protection 6539
Düriye SOYKAN TAÇ Agricultural Economics 6585,
Nilgün ALAYUNT Agricultural Machinary and Technology Engineering 6522
Seher ÖZKAN Agricultural Biotechnology 6565
Sakine AKPINAR Agricultural Structures and Irrigation 6530
Sibel AKYOL Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 6537
Yusuf TÜRKAY Field Crops 2516
Derya KIRAÇ Animal Science 6510
Cleaning Staff
Hüseyin ILIKKAN Employee
Suat BÜYÜKYAĞCI Employee
Metin ÖZDEMİR Employee
Mehmet DURSUN Employee
Filiz ATMACA Employee
Venlo Greenhouse
Ayla BÖREKÇİ Agricultural Engineer 6561
Buket Yetgin UZ Agricultural Engineer 6572
Canan Çopur KİTİŞ Agricultural Engineer 3715
Hüseyin Avni DUMAN Employee
Tolga KAAN Employee
Full Name Position of Task Phone E-mail
Seyit AKYILDIZ Dairy Manager 3740
Mehmet TUNCAY Food Engineer 2522
Taner TOLAN Employee 2438
Nail ALTUNCI Employee 2438
Cemal UYAR Employee
Uğur SERT Employee
Kenan AKIN Employee
Academy Farm
Servet MUTLU Farm Manager 6598
Levent TUĞCU Farm management 6591
Güven TEMUR Farm management 6591
Erkan KARACA Farm management 6596
Zekeriya DELİBAŞI Farm management
Hamdi ADIGÖZEL Veterinarian 6593
Sami CANBOLAT Employee
Veli DURMAZ Employee 2460
Mehmet KOÇSOY Employee
Tayyar TOPUZ Employee
Şükrü ALTINAY Employee
Güllü ALTINAY Employee
İlayda ÖĞÜN Employee
Necati TOPUZ Employee
Mustafa PASLI Employee
Serkan YAZICIOĞLU Employee
Tahsin BİÇER Employee
Hasan ATASOY Employee
Burhanettin DÜLGER Employee
Sevil YALÇIN Employee
Arzu TIRAŞ Employee
Academy Farm Selling Area
Nurcan AKGÜL Employee 6528
M. Emin DÖNMEZ Employee 6528


Since its establishment in 1983, Faculty of Agriculture has taken mission to train Agricultural Engineers who adopt sustainable production which is sensitive for environment and human health, contribute to the development of new methods and techniques in the field of agriculture and reflect it on the field, produce permanent solutions for technical problems occurring in the field of plant and animal production of the sector on the basis of modern science.


We aim to develop plant and animal genotypes allowing production by considering decreases in natural resources gradually and possible changes in environment conditions in the near future, to transfer digitalization to production with precision agriculture applications, to contribute to the economy of both the region and the country by improving agricultural production, especially in greenhouse cultivation, fruit growing and goat breeding. In this regard, our vision as Faculty of Agriculture, Akdeniz University is to become an internationally recognized Faculty, which has completed the accreditation processes at both national and international level, to adopt an educational approach emphasizing the academic and personal development of students on the basis of modern science and to educate Agricultural Engineers who are self-confident, have high communication skills, and are open to innovations.